The Journal

The Journal is a coffee table book and travel journal containing photo journalistic content, with interviews, photo essays, and scholarly articles. We cover the environment, regional ecosystems, past and modern histories, geography, and reflections. Our journals emerse readers through the regions, geographies, ecosystems, and inhabitants of the land. Our content expands their perceptions of the world around them.

Together with our audience we strive to remember, respect, and maintain the cultural legacies of our human family.

In this thirt issue featuring the Archipelagos of Southeast Asia we we travel to MalaysiaIndonesia, and The Philippines.

We’ll learn about the traditional tattooing of the Kalinga with Vogue’s oldest cover star, Whang-od Oggay, the last traditional tattoo artist of the Philippines. Readers will discover one of the world’s oldest and most preserved hut dwellings at Wae-Rebo on Flores Island. This release will take readers to the western edges of Indonesia’s Archipelago and encounter the Korowai of Western Papua, where we learn more about one of the last tree-dwelling communities on the planet. 

110 pages
190 x 250 mm
Cover: Matter Laminate 300 gsm
Inner: Uncoated 100 gsm

In our second volume featuring East Africa we will travel to countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania with special features from Rwanda and Djibouti.

We’ll bring readers an important message from a Maasai chief, discover a female led organization empowering local women in the Bwindi Forest, learn more about the South Asian diaspora into this region through a special interview, analyze the impacts of droughts on local populations and we will investigate the controversy around the conservation of an endangered species: the mountain gorilla.

108 pages
170 x 220 mm
Cover: Offset 300 gsm
Inner: Offset 120 gsm

In this first issue featuring Latin America we bring you to Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba

We’ll be learning about the coming of age of a Venezuelan Refugee in Peru, a brief history of Mesoamerica, the Lacandon Jungle in Southern Mexico, the archaic revival of weaving and textiles in Peru, one man’s journey to reclaiming his Quechua culture, a plant medicine discussion with a Peruvian Shaman, cosmovisions from Latin America, food recipes, deforestation and Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, tobacco production in Cuba, interviews, and personal reflections.

136 pages
216 x 279 mm
Cover: Matter Laminate 300 gsm
Inner: Uncoated 120 gsm


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