A journey to Mexico

Mexico is perhaps the country we know best in Latin America because it was where we could see the most places and spent the most time. We traveled the coun- try from north to south, where we had the opportunity to discover so much of this land. We were mesmerized by its natural and cultural beauty. It was only natural that we decided to stay and further develop our pro- ject there. In fact, Mexico was where we quarantined, being the only country that would allow both US and Spanizsh citizens inside its borders around the time of lockdowns. In Quintana Roo, we continued ourzresearch and collected more material there.

Mexico would be the launching pad for this project, and it is because of our experiences there that we are quite attached to this land. It inspired us in so many ways, and it will always feel like a second home.

An experience that stands out, in particular, is our time in Tepoztlan. It was a former Aztec settlement, but today is a small town 100 km from Mexico City. We had the pleasure of meeting a good friend and producer and seller of Pulque (fermented drink from the Aloe Vera plant) who treated us as part of his family during our stay. This friendship set the tone for the remainder of our time in Mexico. Our time in the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas was equally as wonderful. These states provided the opportunity to be in smaller cities, connecting better with the people and the culture. We explored San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, an enchanting town where the population’s indigenous roots have prospered and flourished. But we certainly can not forget the magical time we spent in the Lacandona Jungle, especially knowing that the small towns there were created by the Mayan descendants who escaped the Spanish invasion and managed to take refuge in the forest.

Temple of Kukulcán, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

By TJJ Team