The Jungle Journal team exploring the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
The Beginning: Latin America

Our idea for this project began with a simple traveler’s curiosity: to know, discover, and explore. After gathering our own lived experiences, we set out together to seek the extraordinary landscapes, the heart of cultures and people, and the environmental wealth of the world. This opened the door to create a project where we would be able to give voice to the different realities we encountered.

After traveling some years through different parts of the globe, our paths finally crossed in South America. Since that magical encounter, we would return months later for an adventure through this wild and rich continent that brought us together.

Over the course of four months we traveled through Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba where we experienced the region’s ancestral wealth, cultural variety, and hospitality. Our time in these places motivated us to collect and document experiences in order to share them with the world.

Brazil means a lot to us. It is not just the country where we met but it is also home to 60% of the vast Amazon Rainforest. What others and ourselves like to describe as the lungs of the earth. We were able to return to Brazil in January to experience this inspiring jungle where we found ourselves living our childhood dreams. The journey to the forest itself requires patience. Getting there was a feat, but nothing was going to stop us from arriving.