Andine women in the streets of Cusco, Peru


There is something enchanting about walking the cobble stone streets of Cusco. It’s one of our favorite cities for many reasons but the pace of life here really is a breath of fresh air. Time stands still and this euphoric feeling of presence takes over being in such a peaceful place.

Walking through the old city you will stumble across local women (usually from outside the city) in traditional dress accompanied with baby goats and llamas. Over the years they realized an easier way of making money was going to the city to take pictures with tourists. Although the ethics of this are debatable from many perspectives, we can’t help but look back and think about how much has changed for these locals since COVID hit and the economic

One of the hopes for our project is to help promote sustainable and conscious tourism. As we use this time to rest and contemplate, we can look towards taking more responsibility in educating ourselves and becoming more aware of the biases and conditioning we carry so we can better conduct ourselves as visitors in others’ lands.

By TJJ Team