The Community

We are a community filled with a mix of artists, professors, scholars, photographers, biologists, anthropologists, a national geographic explorer and most importantly the everyday people sharing their lived experiences from the regions we visit.

Together with our community we strive to remember, respect, and maintain the cultural legacies of our human family.

Henrique Gobbi Hedler – Documentary film producer, researcher, photographer, food & agriculture writer, contributed to BBC, Slow food movement & other global publications.

Denisse Ariana Perez – Photographer and filmmaker published in El Pais, Afropunk, as well multiple photography exhibitions across Europe.

Chief Saloton of the Maasai – NYT featured Chief of the Maasai in Maji Moto, Kenya, he is also a warrior and community shaman, and Kenya’s cultural ambassador of the Maasai.

Aaron Restivo Burroughs – Writer, actor, and scholar in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies.

Sara Elisa Lopez – Photographer, culture worker, writer, artist, activist, and founder of The Jungle Journal.

Gabriel Alvarez Lorenzo – Photographer, environmentalist, writer, videographer, and founder of The Jungle Journal.

Chansayap Yuk Najkin – Community leader of the Maya Lacandones in Chiapas, Mexico.

Breixo Martins – Researcher & professor of Anthropology at the University of Vigo in Galicia, Spain.

Anisha Srivastava – Singer and historian on South Asian studies and diasporas.

Lily Dayanim – Photojournalist in Philadelphia specializing on displacement and refugees.

Malika Dhalla – Human rights lawyer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Alain Borris – Rwandan Studio Artist based in San Atonio, Texas.

Danielle Siobhan – Nature and Editorial photographer, National Geographic featured photographer, and fashion model.

Ashli Akins – National Geographic Explorer, founder of Mosqoy Peru, with a PhD from UBC.

Oswaldo Gallegos – Professor of Geography and Tourism at the University of the Caribbean in Cancun, Mexico.

Yurakmayo – Andean Shaman working in Peru.

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