Artisans in Lacanja Chansayab

We are working to support artisans living in the southeast region of Chiapas, Mexico. Our online store carries work from the Yuk Najkin family, a Maya family of artisans living in the Lacanja Chansayab community in Chiapas. The Lacanja Chansayab are one of the three Maya communities that have been living in the Lacandona Jungle for centuries. Due to their geographic location in the rainforest, they have managed to maintain and preserve their culture, traditions, and language. It is estimated that around 700 Lacandona Maya remain in the jungle today, making them one of the smallest indigenous groups in Mexico.

Lacandona Jungle

Despite the damage that continues inside the forest from illegal logging and poaching, the Lacandona Jungle remains the largest montane rainforest in North America and one of the last of its kind that can support jaguars. Approximately 400 years ago, indigenous groups living on the Yucatan peninsula fled from Spanish invaders and settled in the jungle. Before this migration, ancient Maya sights such as Bonampak and Yaxchilán ruled from the Lacandona Jungle.

Our Mission

 We have been in contact with the Lacanja Chasayab community from our first correspondence in October 2019 up until today. When the pandemic hit, we had received news that they were facing many difficulties at home. In efforts to support the Lacanja Chansayab community, we have partnered with a family of artisans in an ethical fair trade exchange to sell their products on our website. With the increasing demand to buy online, we wanted to provide the family with a space on our online store to access costumers. This also allows us to continue fostering cultural exchange through the e-commerce platform where customers can purchase products from Maya artisans and support the community during these times. Due to the difficulties of COVID-19 we will not be able to return to the jungle until it is safer to have close contact with the community again.