The Jungle Journal is an online platform with an annual print magazine at its core. We cover themes around the environment, global cultures, ecosystems, past and modern histories, indigenous activism, and reflections. 

We understand the value of returning to our roots and giving value to protecting the environment where we live. Through our work we generate a re-connection to the land through sharing global stories and promoting accessible education, grounded from the heart. 
Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
Our print magazine is a coffee table book and travel journal containing photo journalistic content with interviews, photo essays, and scholarly articles. In each volume we feature a different region of the world where we invite readers to reflect and raise awareness on issues of global concern— mainly our disconnection with the natural world and each other as human beings.
The Jungle Journal Expeditions not only wants to take you to amazing places around the world but wants you to have an authentic experience based on responsible travel, connection with local communities and respect for the land.touch.
Newsletter Through our monthly newsletter we aim to bring our community important global topics and news in addition to delivering the latest updates on our project.
Another important part of this project is the audio-visual content. In our short documentaries we explore topics around environment, culture and history with an human touch.
Throughout the year we hold in person activations as well as attend festivals and events to better engage with our audience. To find out more, stay up to date with our movements on social media.
The Founders
Founders, Partners, Creative Directors, Editors, and overall brains behind The Jungle Journal.

After partnering up in South America where Sara and Gabriel discovered their mutual passion for travel and curiosity about the world, they set out to create this project. From their early experiences and growing up oceans apart, they have been able to weave together different perspectives for this project. They are driven by their quest for deeper truths about our world and those that inhabit it.

The individual experiences of being raised within their own cultures helped bring forth important components to this project. They share the mutual experience of being underrepresented within the countries and societies they were raised. This helped lay the foundation to enable them to recognise and share stories about cultures and people that go unnoticed and unheard.