“The whole purpose behind The Jungle Journal is to remind people of who they are and where they come from. The goal is to connect people back to the land.”

“We are nature and we come from nature.”

The Jungle Journal

East Africa Issue

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Indigenous Chief Raoni’s words


The Jungle Journal

Latin America Issue


The Jungle Journal is an online platform with an annual print magazine at its core. We cover themes around the environment, global cultures, ecosystems, past and modern histories, indigenous activism, and reflections.

We understand the value of returning to our roots and giving value to protecting the environment where we live. Through our work we generate a re-connection to the land through sharing global stories and promoting accessible education, grounded from the heart.

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The Journal

The Journal is a coffee table book featuring photograps & articles from different regions of the globe


Get to have real experiences travelling with us while learning & understanding more about other landscapes & cultures

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